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Breakfast Dosa Plate Dosa, a perfect and the most favorite breakfast in South India, and no doubt it is a world-famous breakfast choice of many. It is made from rice, urad dal (skinned black whole lentils), chana dal (Bengal gram), and methi seeds (fenugreek). It is served with sambar, sabji, and various chutneys; basically made from coconut. It has many varieties like paper dosa, plain dosa, masala dosa, ghee dosa, uttapam, etc. In the 90s, dosa was not so easily available in all hotels and restaurants in North India. It was a kind of delicacy for which people had to hunt for food joints. My first experience of tasting this dish was in NIS Patiala. As the canteen had to cater to players from every region of India, dosa had to there on the menu list. One of our family friends was working there and we used to visit them on the campus. Many times, they used to take us there and it used to be one of the best treats for us. I'll tell you a secret. In the canteen, dosa was served with f

Kitchen Stories w Preety 🍴 | Karah Prashad

Karah   Prashad   Karah   Prashad  is sacred halva served in the Gurudwaras. It is made with whole-wheat flour, ghee, and sugar. After the prayer is over, it is served to all the attendees. Born in Patiala, one of the sweetest memories of my childhood is visiting Dukhniwaran Sahib, not only for praying there but to enjoy the Prashad! My father had many strict rules and one among them was a rule of taking an equal amount of money from his salary and visit Dukhniwaran Sahib, Kali Devi Temple, and Peer Baba Dargah. And this visit used to happen on the first Sunday of every month. I used to love those Sunday trips for many reasons. That first Sunday used to give me my pocket money for the month and a visit to our relatives and friends. That special Sunday used to start with our visit to Dukhniwaran Sahib. From the morning itself, my brother and I would portray our best behavior to impress our father. While entering the gurudwara itself, he had to hear our pleadings to get extra Prashad. So